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Decentrafile USB Bit. What it is.

Are you tired of feeling like it is impossible to go through daily life without having your data collected online?

Or you feel you have no control over what big tech and the government learn about you every time you upload or share something?

An amazing new Decentrafile miracle! The world's first blockchain decentralized storage USB.

Decentrafiles a key to privacy without permission from any big tech company or your government.

Until now privacy was not accessible to anyone for a lifetime!

With Decentrafile you need no accounts. Decentrafile is anonymous. Decentrafile is private and comes with free lifetime unlimited storage on the inter-planetary file system where your uploaded files are broken down into unrecognizable encrypted pieces. Those pieces are stored across a peer2peer network where nobody knows what files they're hosting and are paid Filecoins that don’t come out of your own pocket.

Decentrafile USB works on macOS and Windows computers.

Just plug Decentrafile in, upload your files and save the secret keys!

The next time you share a file with a friend through social media or a big tech company. All their robots and artificial intelligence will see is a random sentence of jumbled letters and numbers. That’s a Decentrafiles miracle.

You use your Decentrafile secret file key to reveal your private files! No one else needs a Decentrafile USB to view the files.

Just share your Decentrafile secret key and share the Decentrafile key getter website available to anyone so they can download your files, or you can see them later!

Files are saved as .txt files you can save on the Decentrafile USB drive instead of your actual files. That's like storing a pebble versus a boulder! 

Stop those pesky billionaires and the government's SkyNet from invading your privacy next time you upload and share with Decentrafile.

You don't need to be concerned about what big tech and the government are doing with your data.

You don't need to be concerned about how big tech works when they feed their artificial intelligence all of your brain's thoughts, ideas, pictures, videos. You have a Decentrafile USB on your key ring for privacy.

To pledge complete anonymoity & permissionlessness, we removed the free version of Decentrafile. We believe that you should have zero trust and no permission to use decentralized storage. We removed the online version because it was our responsibility.

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